Hi all! Much like the rest of you, I’ve really felt the pressure build over these last few days. What it means for me, my family, my work - you guys! - so I wanted to process it all before posting something. 

After lots of reading and (probably too much!) news watching, I thought it was best to clarify the options you have if you’re booked with me (I known many of you may be feeling anxious or unsettled) and also, other bits you may need to consider so hopefully find helpful. 

For now, as far as I’m concerned it’s still a case as everything being ‘business as usual’. I know there’s been guidance (not enforcement) on limiting unnecessary social gatherings but for as long as the venues are open and going ahead, I still have every intention of carrying out my work with the same amount of joy and passion as I always do. I love my job, love what I do and love the people I do it for - this pesky virus hasn’t changed that! 

Personally, I’m being really mindful of how I’m spending my time and will largely be self-isolating (where and when I can) in an attempt to minimise any risk there is of me coming in contacting with the virus. But (and it’s a big but!), if I do start to show any symptoms then the best, and most responsible, thing to do will be to arrange replacement cover for your big day. I’m lucky enough to know many other photographers who I’d be happy to recommend in a flash so if we find ourselves in that position, be assured that I’ll work with you to find a fantastic replacement.

If your 2020 wedding is postponed for whatever reason, then naturally, I will be as accommodating as possible and will happily transfer your booking to another date, subject to my availability and of course, all monies would be transferred seamlessly over to a new date. If we did have to cross that bridge, then I’d work with you to hopefully get as many of your original suppliers sync’d as best as you could.

So yes, it’s unsettling times for us all - but to my bride and grooms, if I can make just one reassurance that might help you sleep easier at night, be assured that for as long as your day is going ahead, then so am I and we’ll make it more memorable than ever! 💪🏼 

Until then though, you can find me at the sink washing my hands to the tune of happy birthday. Twice (obviously!)