Documenting/Recording of your ordinary day £250 half day £400 full day
You know the ordinary days at home on the sofa, baking, playing board games, painting and walking the dog…..aren't these the days your child will remember as their ‘childhood memory’ or will they? if you have your phone at hand and your not in the photos because your trying to capture them and your trying your hardest to catch a glimpse of how your children are growing up?
Why don't you let me capture these memories because lets face it, these days of just having quality time together are just as important as christenings and family gatherings, its just that we do more prep to make things perfect when really is life perfect… take time out to document/record one of your ordinary days.
I will arrive early in the morning to watch the organised chaos or the relaxed sleepy breakfast routine of how you roll on a morning through to that ordinary day you have millions of!!


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